Ashes of Creation: Alpha Keys Are Avaliable… FOR ONLY $500

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Wut up boiz, we’re taking a look at the Alpha One Keys today, debunking any miss conceptions related too the game’s state and why the alpha key is priced so highly.

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32 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation: Alpha Keys Are Avaliable… FOR ONLY $500”

  1. Clarification: I have not valued them cosmetic pieces at what Intrepid have priced them indevidually at, I've valued them at what I think they are worth 🙂
    (also even though I said dollars, in my my head I'm still thinking of English Pounds)
    Also, Join discord:​

  2. Have they said what the monthly subscription fee will be? I seem to recall from the dark depths of my subconsciosness in one of their livestreams they mentioned $30 a month or was it $15?

  3. Looks like intrepid is really going out on their game.Only serious players should buy this pack who are interested in mmos. Waiting to see some gameplays from the alpha.

  4. Definitely not for me at the moment… I think it's greedy that they charge players to test their game. Paying a large amount of money to do someone else's job is so cringy. This is a huge red flag IMO. If they really want people to test their game without being publicly shamed, they should do one of the following…
    1. Do it themselves (with a QA team of game testers).
    2. Select specific individuals, give it to them for free, and make them sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
    The way they're doing it… people can STILL buy the Alpha Key (as expensive as it is) and publicly shame them… so it just doesn't make any sense to me.

    Having the cosmetic store before the game is even released is a huge red flag to me as well. I get that it's just cosmetics and doesn't affect the actual gameplay, but at the same time – new players (and even some veterans) won't be able to distinguish which cosmetics were earned in-game vs the ones purchased from the cosmetic store… which basically makes them worthless IMO. The hard work that players put into getting the in-game cosmetics will be worth nothing because players could easily think it's something that can just be purchased. I know that pretty much every MMO out there right now is doing this, but that doesn't make it okay! I want to challenge gaming companies to get creative and think of other ways to make some extra money… for example, letting guilds purchase "marketing campaigns" to make their guild known and recruit others.

  5. Nice video Narc.
    The $500 price was mostly to respect the players who invested just as much early on.
    The cosmetics are worthless, but help fund the NPC content.
    I hope they offer up at very least access accounts to content creators as the testing ramps up.


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