Ashes of Creation Alpha 2 Is LARGER THAN We Think – It's Full Size REVEALED?

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With Content running dry it’s about time I pulled out something straight out of thin air! So we have today an updated video of a previous one I did before speculating on alot of locations and the size of Alpha 2 when it launches very soon.
Ashes of Creation is a highly anticipated MMORPG that has it’s Alpha 2 due sometime either, later 2022 or mid/early 2023 (or at least that’s what the community speculate) so now is the perfect time to break out the copium and baselessly speculate!

👁️👄👁️🩲🩲🩲 Take our undergarments as tribute steven! Tell us the Alpha 2 date!! I summon thee!!
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26 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation Alpha 2 Is LARGER THAN We Think – It's Full Size REVEALED?”

  1. Pretty sure he said A2 map size km measurements prior to announcing they were expanding the map to flesh it out better. Maybe the 200k+ was half of the original 400k+ coupium???? I think they will have ocean gamelan in A2 they are thorough and will want to make sure it's good to go before release. Speculation alpa 2 will be 400kish / half of the 1000k+ km map…. we can wait make it what it needs to be!

  2. Who's to say that the start of A2 will be your first suggestion and then they expand later on and show more of the map like your second suggestion? A2 is persistent and lasts until release so the A2 map area could just get bigger and bigger as they test more and more. It'll be interesting to find out.

  3. Yo narc be sure not to actually sniff flour, sugar, salt, baking soda, chalk, shit like that. It can mess up your nose, now im not saying that the good stuff cant mess it up aswell, but its meant to go in your nose unlike the ones i mentioned.
    Anyways hope you are well, keep up the good work, i like how you progress steadily with vids.
    But myb im just high on copium, anyways have a good one

  4. We will get a lot of sea area in the A2 release. It is going to be great to see the Unreal 5 changes. Sounds like we will be getting the Badlands, The Kaela Riverlands, The Sandsquall Desert, the Tropics, and maybe the Jundark. Personally, I would rather have combat flushed out before they jump right into an Alpha 2. That said they will need to release the A2 to bounce all the changes off the community before locking things in so A2 will release soon. They must give us the new combat changes to play with to make sure it is what we want because combat is king. If we have good GW2 /Black Desert combat flow, movement, abilites, AI and combinations intigrated and it only needs to be tweaked to make it great, then A1 it will be a major win. All the Eye candy we have seen of the World so far with changing seasons, deserts etc. looks great and that is already in game. I would like to see questing and the UI changes from A1, as well as Naval vessels be introduced so we can give our input.

  5. I'm thinking that A2 will be the smaller section, and I kinda hope it is. This is probably unrealistic, but I'd honestly prefer if the entire world wasn't available for play until launch just so there's more opportunity for discovery when the game actually releases

  6. Adorable how people still think this isn't fantasy Star Citizen. "Oh bet they have so many varied assets finished, they surely are gonna release a lot of content!" Orrrrrr, they just can't decide on a developement schedule and work on random shit all the time, like how they already remade the world and switched engines 3 times over….


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