Ashes of Creation – Alpha 1 Verbal NDA Lift, My Thoughts

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Just to be clear as I ragging on some things in this video – I loved the Alpha 1 test experience and I was online for the entire weekend, reaching level 10 before opting to explore the world and try out the various encounters. Nothing about my Alpha 1 experience was discouraging and has overall made me more excited for the future – I can’t wait for more testing to start so I can get back in and play more. Ashes of Creation is on the right path to becoming the MMORPG we are all hoping it will become.

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Server Stability: (0:21)
Questing: (1:44)
Crafting: (4:35)
Node Systems: (4:52)
Combat: (5:33)
Raid Bosses: (9:25)
Pathing and Environment: (13:15)
Experience Decay: (16:25)
Conclusion: (18:25)

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10 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation – Alpha 1 Verbal NDA Lift, My Thoughts”

  1. Ayyyyeeee whats up booperai
    I agree on disliking how expansions/new content just focuses on a single story usually leading up to the one bad guy and that's it.
    It makes me feel like I'm replaying thru a DBZ saga, same structure every single time.
    That's not "new" content to me, even though the bosses/dungeons/areas may be new in a literal sense, it's old when you look at the overall picture because it's the same exact system

  2. I hope they commit to either Tab targeting or true action combat. Wildstar was similar and it really hurt the gameplay to keep both styles. I hope they work it out. We need MMOs which exist longer than a month.


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