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So there is a lot of information floating around about the @AshesofCreation Alpha 1 Testing NDA Shift. Yes, it is true that the timeline has been shifted. A copy of the official Intrepid Studios release is available here:

Testing is still going to happen on Friday May 14th, the only difference is instead of being a week long event it’s going to be a three-day event and the NDA is going to remain in place. So for all the people claiming the sky is falling, it is not. It shifted a little bit.

Plus, this is a great marketing/advertising/public relations decision. There was no win for Intrepid once Blizzard decided to drop the Burning Crusade Classic on 1 June. The best bet for Intrepid was then to just focus on the studio move, get their foundation under them, and do a really good event in July.

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00:00 – Video Start
00:10 – Talking Intro
01:22 – Content Creators who make hit pieces
03:15 – Long List of Issues
04:01 – Original Timeline was never realistic
04:51 – New Timeline
05:04 – Studio Move
05:58 – Flashback to APOC and poor testing numbers
07:13 – Get out of the ring with Mike Tyson
07:18 – The Letter 2 Months ago vs the one today
07:39 – Testing still starts this week
08:17 – I will take this on the chin


27 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation – Alpha 1 Testing NDA Shift”

  1. The only issue is that with each delay during the testing phases the official launch is probably being delayed as well. It's a real bummer and it might give enough time for competitors to catch up, which will only hurt AoC.

  2. It doesn't matter one way or another to me. I understand stuff happens, I get it that obstacles are inevitable, and I see they're all still working remotely. For me, whatever results in a better final product is the route I want Intrepid to take. Extremely well-thought-out video.

  3. I can't be upset this time since its more important that people play and watch the Alpha 1 which won't happen to the same extent if they open it at the same time as those 2 titanic releases.

  4. It's really sad to see people's standards are so low and they are happy about a game to get delay. Imagine you buy a flight ticket and the flight isn't ready. It gets delay and fuck up your entire schedule. Would you still feel happy about it and think "Oh, it's good to see they are taking their time to make sure we can have a better flight experience."
    Multiple delays are never a good sign. It means the game is in very bad condition and has many problems that haven't been solved. Cyberpunk2077 is a very good example of it.
    Don't forget the initial alpha 1 test was suppose to start in 2018. They already delayed the test for 3 YEARS. I don't want this game to be another Star citizen.

  5. 100% the right call for them. But man I just want more gameplay than what we have from the devs. Real gameplay from content creators and the community. 😩

  6. Honestly in my view AoC is 3 plus years out. The question becomes, can a new studio release a solid test environment? Let's be frank Apocalypse was scammy and most likely they physically started making an mmo after its failure. Intrepid has been very good at the magic trick and smoke and mirrors. I hope this doesn't bite them in the ass as soon as the NDA lifts.

  7. Why shift the NDA-free date if release date remains with NDA active? Is this to preserve the “wow” factor, big jaw dropping show out? Are the just attempting to make sure the first streams are as glitch free as possible?

  8. Intrepid is growing up as a company and that's a good thing.

    I still recall early videos they made – 2018 I think – where Steven and Jeff would almost be smirking about other games having looong extended development tinelines.

    It was pretty sophomoric to be honest but they have come a long way since then.

    Based on what I see going on with both the game and the company I'm reasonably confident that we'll be getting a really good game at the end of 2022.

  9. At launch in 1-2 years no one will remember or care about a couple week delay for alpha 1. But they would remember a terrible a1 launch if that’s what happened. So better the delay for a good a1 and build onwards to a good b1 and then launch.

  10. It's not quite as momentous as TBC classic, but if Blizzard did intentionally clash the dates (though I imagine that it probably was the fact ESO xpac was also launching if so), the next big retail Patch is due sometime between July – August so it's not impossible for the exact same to happen again.

  11. This was a very different toned video from you, but I hear your honesty and the points you are making! Mistakes have been made and the market is malicious, but I have high hopes that we can make it through this and come out better. Thumbs up for a good Alpha 1 start and I look forward to you making more vids.

  12. Just posting for the YT algo, but spot on video, agree 100%. The surprises of June 1st for WoW and ESO just put too much for sweaty gamers to do in June and for Ashes to waste their moment in the spotlight in june as well would have been foolish. A delay is a great idea because of what WoW did, instead Ashes can have 100% of the spotlight during whatever month they eventually settle on.

  13. Hi,… I have a question, or better two. Do you know if ashes will take use of current technologies like DLSS and RTX? I am just asking, because this technologies will surely be pretty damn good by the time ashes will have its official release. If so,… do you know if lightning and or shadows will be ray traced? Just wondering, because by the time ashes releases i plan on buying me a monster pc and it would be a real shame if half the features i play for dont come to use.

  14. Im a Braver of Worlds, I gotta admit thou that I started playing WoW when Tbc launched and there was no way I was gonna play an Alpha over a new Tbc launch. I think Steven did the right thing by moving the dates back.

  15. Think you explained this really well. As a long time WoW player I think it was particularly dirty of them to try launch TBC, fairly obviously, on top of alpha 1 testing – this has removed any shred of goodwill I still harboured for Activision Bliz and shows they only care about their bottom line, rather than the MMO community.

    At the end of the day, it's more the content creators and people who took time off work to deliver livestreams that i feel for. It's very short notice and many people will have booked holidays to stream alongside the NDA lift, so if Intrepid could do something better I would suggest it's making decisions earlier in the process for further delays (eaiser said than done, I appreciate).

    Thanks again for your balanced view Jahlon.

  16. I do not get why any one gets upset on the need for delays? I would rather see 5-6 10 delays and get a game that is a game that is complete unlike games like cyberpunk a perfect example. Let them do what needs to be done and test test, test any thing that is not liked by the majority during testing fix it delay.

  17. Just yesterday I asked "Realistically, how much can be fixed between May 21st and June 1st?" Cue for A1 schedule v3, stage left. LOL. I accept that they are where they are and showing the public (via the NDA drop) won't make the game magically have more progress. WOWs release on June 1st could be seen as a douche-bag move, so, for me, that gives Intrepid a green light for a tactical delay. Whilst delaying for one thing you may as well bite the bullet, delay for longer and throw in a few more features to test. There is the overall theme of "promise a date then delay" building up for Intrepid, but I'm feeling pretty neutral towards this at the moment; "I want a good game" vs. "delayed schedule again" is kind of cancelling out for me.

    When I predicted a 2025 release date a couple of months ago in your stream poll I was being pessimistic. With the way the the dates keep sliding to the right they will eventually reach a point where their image will suffer if they don't start hitting some scheduled dates.

    Devil's Advocate: The previous two A1 schedules didn't have a detailed breakdown simply because they didn't have it; they didn't know what the acceptance criteria was that would allow them to go to non-NDA Alpha1. They have shared the latest schedule with the detailed breakdown because now they do have an acceptance criteria for non-NDA Alpha1.

    Worst case interpretation: Evidence of a project management capability still being developed, which has been a weakness previously, but now less and less so.
    The alternative is that they were just kind enough to share what they are working on during the delay period as an expression of their open development mantra.

    Good summary. Thanks for the video.

  18. 5:58 In my opinion you are wrong with this point. People do want to play action combat mmorps. What they don't want to do is, to play BR games when they were promised an MMORPG game. I am sure that if Intrepid would have just made a starting zone ans some basic dungeons with RPG elements with action combat, much more people would have played it. Also, the fact that they wanted to monetize said BR game did not help.


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