Ashes of Creation Alpha 1 Impressions Part Four: Map and Exploration

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Talking everything about Maps and Exploration in Intrepid Studios highly anticipated upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation. Horses, textures, enemy types, nodes, and everything else associated with exploring MMO maps.


13 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation Alpha 1 Impressions Part Four: Map and Exploration”

  1. 14:35 This looks like Archeage mounts. Probably some abilities will be similar to those on archeage (the sprint looks exactly the same), they usually change from mount to mount, I had a Bear with a skill that makes him run with two feets and carry me on his front paws while protecting me. There was a Deer that could jump, some that u could stun for some time whoever u hit with him, some that could trow some shit at the enemy, none of them allowed ''mount battle'', they kinda suport the combat, start 'em or escape running (Steven said something similar, so it's probably like Archeage).

  2. So there will be 10,000 people on a server and a hundred houses?
    So the vast majority will never have a house?
    There will be 10,000 people on a server and 10 flying mounts for Mayors?
    So if you are a casual, you will never even dream of having a flying mount?

    No fast travel. Everything I earned gets sent in a Caravan that gets raided by the "WEGANKALLCARAVANS24/7" guild.
    You lost 800/800 of your shit. Go travel forever and start over again.
    This game has great potential, but it also has the potential to be the worse game ever.
    No one over 26yo is looking for a second job.

  3. Yeah I'm an avid eso player and its mount system is such a drag.

    But now adays it's more tolerable, because at level 10 you get free mount and also you can do intro quest to cyrodiil which will give you access to the "Allience war" skill tree passive called "continuous attack" one of its bonuses gives you the buff "major gallop" increasing mount speed by 30% at all times. There's also the mount related champion points too which is fantastic if you're playing lowbie alts.

    What i was pleasantly surprised about AOC mounts is that they can sidestep, which in most mmos they just turn and run in the direction you pressed.


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