Ashes Of Creation Action Combat Is Tab But Worse

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Ashes Of Creation ranger update has some big issues I think, the action combat looked good, tab target looked good but is there room for both?

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12 thoughts on “Ashes Of Creation Action Combat Is Tab But Worse”

  1. I think it is good system, because if you want in RPG that headshot would be character skill level, not player skill level (this is why we play RPG) than soft targeting is only option IMO.
    EDIT 3:10 why I would always you action mode? Because you still can hard target in action mode and do it faster than in tab targeting mode.

  2. Personally i feel like its way easier and quicker to just aim wit the action mode since you just have to aim and not click on the enemies, also i think many people prefer the feel of action mode and in my opinion it makes it a lot more effective to simply aim rather than clicking enemies, especially if action mode has the same functionality with tabbing through targets as tab target mode has. Besides steven said that you could hard lock onto a target with action mode by pressing right click so i personally can't see how tab target mode is gonna be more effective. Good video though man!

  3. I was a little disappointed. If you can switch between the 2 nobody will play action unless action combat has a real solid advantage like increased damage. It's a shame I had high hopes after the melee video.

  4. I agree that it is currently pretty imbalanced between action/tab concerning range, but I don’t think it was a ‘disappointment’ in the balance compartment. I think the way they are executing action now is not perfect or very balanced in all ways at all, but I think the targeting in action shows that they are pushing for action and tab to be balanced. They aren’t just gonna put in action without balancing a thing to “appease” the action combat fan base while tab reins on top leaving action in the dust.

  5. It showed 3 abilities in an alpha phase, and showcased tab target basic attacks with hybrid sticky targeting. Looks completely fine for MMO combat. The action combat should just be utilized when designing future abilities instead of trying to consider action basic attacks. The Snipe should definitely be a skill shot, the multi shot will be fine as a tab target ability, theres plenty of room to expand the variety. I think the basic attacks are fine as is, and should be pair with 25% tab target/ 75% action combat ability design ratios.

  6. Tab targeting is bad when there are like 20 enemies on your screen and you want to select one. action combat is good because you can select your target by just looking at them


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