Ashes of Creation: Achievements Overview and Comparison

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  1. i also have an idea for the economic node super power when establishing a trade route from that node if it is tier 5+ It grants you an air blimp caravan that has a lot less risk than the regular Caravan.

  2. Nice work Narc, your crushing this job.

    Reminds me of a title in DFO called the "Tide Chaser" where you have to kill 20 Krakens. Some guy saw me with that and offered me $50 to help him unlock it. XD

  3. Achievements… one of my favorite part of MMORPGs. I'm a goal oriented person and enjoy having these goals to reach. I often consider myself an achievement hunter. However, I hate it when gaming companies timegate achievements or make them limited-time only, or waaaaay to grindy (and by that, I mean doing the same mind-numbing, repetitive task too many times)! I also hate it when various bugs in the game prevent players from reaching said achievements! And yes, I've experienced all of those issues from Guild Wars 2. Anyway… done correctly, achievements gives the players a good sense of progress AND direction.

  4. Good video bro. Yeah i like the concept of achievements they are trying to pull off. And according to me there can be dungeon clear time (solo and group), First kill of a new world boss and kill time and the rest you already covered in the video.

  5. Random long winded question for anyone. Not a lot of games with support roles on top of healer. Never really got a chance to try it in Rift, throughout my MMO experiences I dabbled in tanking never really healed; mainly played dps. So I want to put this game to the ultimate test and try out Bard for my first character, though I can't figure out which weapons will work best or if they're going to scale of anything. Since they're arcane I'm thinking magical weapons, I know you can change stats around but. Other than musical instruments, given what I said what magical weapons do you think will suit a bard?
    Dual wielding Sceptres and going mele? Maybe orbs? I know you can swap physical weapon stats around but that's too much in convince for me having to do that with every weapon so here's hoping for all classes you can scaled of different types of weapons. Although the description mentions him using a sword so hopefully he'll be pretty good with any playstyle.

    Also: IMO It's good everyone has mana. In MMO's everyone uses some kind of "Magic" or supernatural energy like chi or spirt to enhance they're attacks beyond what is "normal". Even warriors/fighters, though it's just not as tangible. Else why can they leap 50 feet and ignore all damage and shit like that. Rogue's definitely use forms of shadow magic, but again it's used in conjunction with their body not in the form of a shadow ball or something like that. Anyways great video!


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