Ashes of Creation – 26 March Livestream Review

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Usually when Intrepid Studios does the @AshesofCreation livestream I chop out the important parts and then I make a 7-15 minute video on it. Today’s livestream was so good I felt I had no choice but to just let Intrepid speak for themselves. So I chopped up about 10 minutes of them talking about Ashes and all the important stuff like Alpha 1, the combat revamp, the Feb issues, etc. and strung them together in the order I think you wanted them.

I then covered the Q&A quickly at the end since there was some stuff that ended up being new information that came out of it after the fact with our clarification.

The uncut live stream is currently available at:

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00:00 – Video Start
00:01 – We Understand Combat is Important
00:11 – Bleeding Edge of Technology
00:28 – 1000 Bears
01:25 – Jahlon Intro
01:51 – Alpha 1 Sales Possible
02:23 – The Alpha 1 Experience
03:39 – Alpha 1 Date Shift
04:47 – Continuing to Hire / Virtual Job Fair
05:22 – Feb Issues Solved with Tested Solutions
06:33 – 5,000 Bears
07:10 – Jeff Talks A1 Combat & New Ability Tool
08:34 – Alpha 1 Content (Raids/Dungeons/World Bosses)
09:42 – Artisan System in Alpha 1
11:05 – Nodes in Alpha 1
12:04 – Q&A
12:49 – Apartment Destroyed Question & Steven Update
13:50 – Node Siege Immunity (New Information)
17:09 – Show Sign Off
17:52 – Credits


13 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation – 26 March Livestream Review”

  1. Great Vid! Very informative thanks I didn't have time to catch the live stream earlier today so this was very helpful. Just wanted to add some encouragement. 😉

  2. Thanks for the recap, saved me some time. I like what Jeff mentioned about combat getting tuned and tested to the best available innovations, even prototype stuff. Hope something cool will emerge from it.

  3. I hope that you either can't transmog a lvl10 armor skin on top of a lvl50 armor, or at least it has some additional glow or smth (outside of the icon in the buffs of the targeted character). Cause if I see a dude wearing a lvl10 armor running around the place, I might assume that he poses no threat to me and not be as ready for pvp with him as I would be if he was wearing lvl50 armor. Especially considering how mob spawns will work around a node, where you might come across both high and low lvl mobs in one area.

  4. Thanks for doing this once again! Very glad they are continuing to hammer down on combat. That's what ultimately makes us come back for more. It's so nice to see that they're constantly trying to break barriers and are not afraid to test and experiment with new things.

  5. I thought for action camera they hinted they might try a key to allow free look (not changing mode) and a key for look behind. Many people were talking at once so it was hard to decipher.

  6. Im not that satisfied with the stream, simply for the fact they the studio update has been vague once again. They need to grow and fill key positions, which they seem to struggle with.

  7. When you're sieging a node did they say if they'll be doing a progression bar to show how much you have completed with the siege? I ask because it can help with the moral of the ones sieging in case the siege takes a while to do.


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