Ashes Community Roundup December 2020

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In this episode of Ashes Community Roundup we take a look at some of the big things that happened in December 2020 for the Ashes of Creation Community.

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massivelyOP Poll:

Mage preview:

Boss fight:

Dev livestream:

dev discussion:
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00:00 Intro
1:05 MassivelyOP Poll
4:05 Mage Preview
8:06 Boss Fight Dev Discussion
15:05 Dev Livestream
14:47 Boss Fight Video
18:12 Login Rewards


5 thoughts on “Ashes Community Roundup December 2020”

  1. Good stuff. Now, about the Boss Difficulty discussion: I prefere a linear boss progression when it comes to bosses. But, that doesn't mean there is no room for other mechanics that you could add at the beginning of a dungeon, such as: puzzles, lore riddles, etc. This will bring the possibility to add alot of variety to dungeons in terms of overall progression of a dungeon. Remember, bosses are only one of the many features a dungeon could contain.

  2. So here's the thing, it's not about an "advantage" for the rest of us as realistically someone who plays more than someone who doesn't will have an advantage (even though these ones were supposed to be for cosmetics). It's more about, being a tactic ftp trash uses to retain players, even after they've stopped playing, to just keep their numbers high. It's also not an incentive as someone else tried to make a case for in the thread about it, it's a retention device…a really scummy one. I do agree that "if the game is good they will come" which is the case, but talking about something not p2w (in this case) as if it were p2w is laughable. (not this does not include fomo which thankfully I don't suffer from)

    Do I support them? No, I think time subbed is a better model, less intrusive and all around easier on the players and Intrepid.

  3. On the poll you are able to vote on more than one game.
    Like many people I turn effects down. I don't like the jumping.
    I prefer progression in raiding.
    Please, no log in rewards, if you want to give rewards do it on how long you've been sub'd.
    Nice video guys.


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