Ashes 101 Viewer Question on Freeholds (How they Work, How they will be Used)

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Freeholds are probably the single most important part of the player housing system in Ashes of Creation. Everyone wants their own little piece of the world that they can own, control, build, and love. Over on my Twitch show I have a 50,000 viewer point segment where a viewer can ask a question and get a video segment out of it. The actual question asked was: Can you give a speculation on how free hold will work and how you expect it to interact with the world around verra

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7 thoughts on “Ashes 101 Viewer Question on Freeholds (How they Work, How they will be Used)”

  1. I don't think my wife would play with me, at most she wouldn't do enough to get a freehold herself 😅. I would say monetary compensation for a station is probably easier to program and one might not want random resources that they have to determine what to do with when collecting income. If you can choose either that would be nice.

  2. I like the idea of married couples having linked freehold plots although there is no way you could limit this to real life couples. No doubt some people will just make their gaming bro their in game waifu but don't really have a problem with that either. The only limit I'd put is that both can't have a Inn or Tavern on the freehold. Maybe one can have a Inn and one can have a Tavern but not both having the same building. Don't think they've really explained all the differences between the Tavern and Inn yet. As for the processing…. Why not just have both with a toggle to set whether you want percentage of processed goods or gold. Just not sure who gets to move the toggle. The owner or the person doing the processing. I think the person doing the processing should make the choice because he might not have the gold so he will just give a percentage goods or maybe vice versa he has the gold but doesn't want to share percentage of processed goods. Either way the owner makes some kind of profit so think best to give the choice to the person doing the processing.

  3. I agree that Married couples should be able to put their freehold plots next to each other. That would be a cool perk for marriage though there would have to be some sort of system to deal with divorces. Maybe just force both players to pickup and re-place their freeholds?

    For the cost to process materials at others stations I don't see why you couldn't choose to pay with either gold or materials depending on what the person who owns the station is willing to accept, It could literally just be a checkbox the same as you could deny people the right to use it. If you're in the middle of no where with no access to a bank or you can't get any more money (Not sure if money is weightless or can be lost on death ect) and you need your money to stay at my wife's tavern next door then you might rather pay materials to use my processing station. Maybe also an option to have prices for different people/guilds could be an option. If you are gonna whine and complain or otherwise be annoying then you're gonna have to pay the annoyance fee and I'm going to up the cost for you.


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