Ashes 101 – Verbal NDA Free Q&A Session

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This is a copy of my Twitch Show. If you are looking for a thought out video check here:

Wednesdays show was good, since we weren’t bound by the NDA on our Alpha 1 testing experience.

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Swing by if you have a question.

If you are just learning about Ashes of Creation and you have not made your account yet, please consider using this referral link: Costs you absolutely nothing to use, but it helps financially support the Paradox Gaming Network so I have money to do things like giveaways for subscription time when Ashes launches.

If you want to learn more about Ashes of Creation, I suggest you swing by if you like things in an educational format or if you like just the facts lined up for you.

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    And that's for every single subreddit. And they mark shit that's not toxic as toxic, because they don't respect different cultures.

  2. Jahlon, the voice of working from home!

    I often don't make your streams, so catch up on YouTube (Or Twitch).
    Glad you aren't afraid to break out the ban hammer for people being edjits on your stream – it'll just mean you'll have a good, knowledgable community.

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    -just my $0.02 on the matter 🙂


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