Are You Sleeping On The Next Big Game? | Caravan Blitz | Ep. 2

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Caravan Blitz is bringing you all the news, views and gossip around Ashes of Creation. Today we’re talking about New World’s effect on Ashes of Creation’s NDA Alpha lift, combat reworks, and how hard is it to hire right now?

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5 thoughts on “Are You Sleeping On The Next Big Game? | Caravan Blitz | Ep. 2”

  1. I really do hope Intrepid starts developing the things they need at a rate of 2 to 5 times faster. They seem to be developing the in game assets and world environments well enough, but it's the gameplay systems like archetypes, augments, organizations/ religions, professions, etc that we have not seen at all that need to be developed quite quickly. Intrepid seems to be hiring a lot of people as fast as they can, so I am still optimistic we get this game in 2 to 3 years.

  2. Loved the conversation you guys create together. Nice balance and perspectives.

    A drop off right now is to be expected. Its the first time people have been allowed to look at a game this deeply this early. When you pair that with a game release like NW then there should be people focused on that rather than AoC at the moment.

    Its like hanging out with a girl thats promised you the lay of the century in 2-3 years when there is a Wet T-shirt contest happening tonight.


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