Are you happy with the Ashes of Creation ranger class hybrid combat system?

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In this episode we discuss the most recent @Ashes of Creation development live stream going over the Ranger class and range damage. We also talk some about the recent dev discussion of gatherers and PKers.

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The Ashen Forge: Episode – 75 Tab target Tears

00:00 – Intro
04:05 – Ranger class
09:20 – Design pillars
16:20 – Steven’s experience debt
19:40 – Hiding nameplates
23:28 – Hybrid combat
33:04 – Removal of arrows
38:09 – Playing a ranger
42:25 – Gathering and PvP
51:00 – Risk to the PKer
55:34 – Open sea risk is a big deal
01:01:34 – Flow states in gaming


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