Are Death Penalties Good For Ashes of Creation?

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Dying is a big part of all MMORPGs and Ashes of Creation will be no exception. Each game tends to have its own take on what exactly happens when you die, but is there a chance that Ashes of Creation could have too many death penalties or perhaps not enough?

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Ashes of Creation is a new MMORPG that aims to bring the Massive back to Massively Multiplayer. It takes everything we love about the genre and brings it boldly into the future as a truly next generation title. From its vast crafting systems to world shaping Node systems causing each server to be unique. Ashes of Creation IS the next big MMORPG you should be watching for.

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5 thoughts on “Are Death Penalties Good For Ashes of Creation?”

  1. I think an attacker should get punished if they attack someone and die. This puts a higher risk for attacking others. This punishment should be a loss of money and maybe some XP, but not a level loss, that’s a bit extreme. Item loss can be easily avoided with players putting items in banks or storage or whatever else. However, gold loss should be a percentage the player has total. This puts a greater risk for end game players attacking others

  2. I like these penalties and hope they stay. Deaths should feel impactful and the penalties for a green death should be high enough for most people to want to half them, in case they get attacked by another player.


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