An MMO to Break the Mould – Ashes of Creation

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Mould Memes

Apologies for the video being a day late my friends!! I’ve been err… well I’ll be honest… I’ve been depressed 🤣
Hopfully Ashes of Creation picks up soon so we can get on and grow the channel! love you all! Come join the discord:

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21 thoughts on “An MMO to Break the Mould – Ashes of Creation”

  1. One of the systems in the first MMO i played , Asheron's Call, was that the devs would sometime control the main NPCs for story arcs. Logging in to see the main good guy and the main bad guy fighting it out while players around them trying to help either side while getting destroyed was something unique I have never seen since. I'm trying to think of what drawbacks there could be to investing is this type of game delivery over AI until AI can perfectly mimic a real human. You could even take it a step further and have decent voice actors controlling the NPCs for live voice interaction as well. Curious what others think.

    Also @Narc i'd say your editing and humor set you above in my book to most of the other similar channels. Dedicating yourself to a not as well known crowd funded mmo might not be the best business model until its actually live. I like seeing the variety on the channel. Also step out and get some sun to cure those blues 😉

  2. Former AA player here – Love this content and watch you regularly to catch up on AoC (Trying to stay away as much possible until we can actually play so I don't get too excited).

  3. Such a good presentation of how ashes can possible change the mould, yet not being oblivious to how much risk is involved in their approach. Hopefully this video shows others just how different AOC will be to what your used to in an MMORPG


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