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In the latest development Livestream we got some amazing footage of the Cleric Class and some other news, the gameplay is still in its early stages but from what we have seen I think this will be a great class for both PvP and PvE. Its the main healing class and will be ready to play in Alpha 2.

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11 thoughts on “AMAZING Ashes Of Creation Cleric Class Footage & Full News Update | 4K GAMEPLAY”

  1. Full over of the latest livestream, what did you guys think of this weeks stream ?
    where you impressed or not so much ? drop a LIKE, SHARE the video and let me know your thoughts.

  2. It was an packed livestream lots of information about quite a few systems I can't wait to see what the summoner looks like after this it really gives me hope for having really decent gameplay that's keeps you glued to your screen rather than watching stuff on a different screen!!

  3. Nice rounded overview there dude, enjoyed the stream and happy with the cleric footage, maybe less so with Stevens play style 🤣
    So much progress yet to go and unsure if we will see that Q1 launch of the Alpha 2, let's hope December brings more details.

  4. I check back in on this game every couple of months when there are major updates and everytime I do the game looks better and better. This cleric update is really good can't wait to see all the classes once they are all finished. I will say Steven shouldn't play cleric.

  5. I appreciate that you set this up as an Alpha. We all want a good MMO that holds our interest for more than 3 months, but this is still early. It's very promising. I also believe PVP always on will work especially as one concerned for the PVE only community. Zero PVP in a MMO seems wrong. I trust the corruption system will do its job. I also believe the threat of both NPCs and other players make this game unique especially in dungeons. Might be more risk but I also expect the rewards to be greater.

  6. Feedback: Combat animations still look bad. A lot of floaty-ness and ice skating. A lot of ridiculous looking over-animated stuff. I'll look have another look at this game in a while. Maybe they will have figured out their animations by then – because it's been a loooong time that people have been critiquing the animations and they haven't significantly improved.


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