Alpha 2 Inside Information, Rumors, etc. Ashes of Creation

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Combining rumors, alleged inside info and experience to figure out all the details for Ashes of Creation’s Alpha 2 test. Release date, map size, classes, etc.

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19 thoughts on “Alpha 2 Inside Information, Rumors, etc. Ashes of Creation”

  1. You need transitions and pauses for effect. You're very likable and you're knowledgeable and smart and I like the conversational style, but you need to break it up into smaller bites. Also use your glasses as a prop. Don't let them become a static part of your face. Maybe even transition between two sitting positions so you yourself don't become static.

    I have mild ADD, but I had to watch the video 4 times to get all the way through it without my mind wandering off. If you make a few changes this channel will take off. I watch every one of your videos and will continue to. I would just like to see your perspective spread to a larger audience.

  2. March 2023 has been my guess for a long time, and I have seen many others as well say that. I definitely hope so, I am more than ready! Steven mentioned in the July livestream at 1:08:49 that A2 would not be feature complete at the start. So one of the two approaches you mentioned will likely be true. Another great video!

  3. Forced testing going deep into certain in-game systems. I know people want a free roam approach to Alpha 2 and do whatever you want for the entire Alpha 2 development, I don't think that's the best route forward. We shall what Intrepid does when it comes to A2 development.

  4. I think alpha 2 will be a bit of both approaches, some things they will add and improve over time(something like classes and other main systems), other systems probably will be available just for some time.

  5. I think focused testing is a must and I fully expect it to be present. Also people expecting EVERYTHING to be available day 1 of alpha2 are going to be disappointed. Alpha 2 is gonna run for a long while with what I'm assuming will be steady content releases. Great thoughts man.

  6. The second system isn't really out of the box. It's normal for designers to want to focus all the feedback and have players test one system at a time. That's a logical way of doing it.

  7. While I understand the second system and the benefits of it, the social drawback is that anybody who doesn't like the current system will bad-mouth the game publicly all over the place for those months, that is not a good way to do it strictly for PR
    The reason they would badmouth it so hard is because it would be the only thing they had available to them and they didn't like it, if you mitigate it with other systems they aren't as likely to be so harsh.
    Personally I don't see any difference between the second system and the Battle Royale fiasco, just saying.

  8. Great recap of Ashes news. The date speculation on A2 seems to be reasonable. I hope they don't install and pull systems one at a time because of the interdependence of each system on one another. However, I do hope they 'suggest' or request A2 players to prioritize one system at a time which they want specific feedback on .


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