Addendum to my Video on the Ashes of Creation Combat Update

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Addendum to my Video on the Ashes of Creation Combat Update

Just had a few more thoughts and some things brought to my attention regarding yesterday’s combat update, that I did not have in my video yesterday.

Because we needed some more videos on the combat update!


I hope you enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Addendum to my Video on the Ashes of Creation Combat Update”

  1. The class was a Weaponmaster, so each weapon that is used in Whirlwind would be the same animation. Can you imagine 6 animations per weapon for each ability (front, fl, fr, rear, rl, rr). Multiply that by at least 8 (classes), that would be an insane amount of work. This is probably why you will have 6 total animations per ability per class.

    Now the Greatsword would have different animations if, say it was used by a Tank vs Weaponmaster.

    While I beleive there is work to be done, like slowing down the swing animation, this is a great start.

    Ths skills shown were thehe basic atack abilities so more advanced skill will probably be more weapon specific. The Tab Attack abilities will probably be spotlighted in their upcomming Ranged Attack Demo.

    Gonally you have yo inderstand thst any weapon can be used but the proficiency will be based on the Weapon Skills Tree where you focus on Two Handed Weapons rather than a Bow. You can use it but how good will you be with it without putting points towards it?

    Just a few of my own thoughts here…


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