ABSOLUTELY GAME CHANGING – Ashes of Creation August Livestream 2022

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With the monthly livestream concluded this month I am proud to cover another fantastic bunch of reveals, information and most importantly… the shiny new reworks for One of Ashes of creation core features… their nodes.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/CopiumInhaler
Another amazing livestream. They definitely pulled a fast one on us, the livestream went from a 2/10 to a 8/10 within a matter of minutes. Jebaited.
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45 thoughts on “ABSOLUTELY GAME CHANGING – Ashes of Creation August Livestream 2022”

  1. "Absolute game changing"
    – Design Update
    – Environment Update
    – Character Art Update

    Vaporware game…
    Wake up. This game is just a graphic concept game
    Another useless blabla stream full of promises with 0 proof, 0 gameplay. Nothing !
    And next month it will be a trailer kit class reveal or a scripted video or just screenshots for sure

  2. what do you guys think about a concept where you can gain reputation/befriend some enemy camps or even dungeons where you can defend those against other online players and gain rewards with that, i‘d love to have that freedom in mmorpg‘s to be the evil guy, it’s always good (you) vs evil (mobs)

  3. Open seas piracy sounds pretty good that island between the two continents would make a good Nassau type settlement sign me up for making peoples life's hell crossing the ocean. maybe even some sort of privateering could be arranged with some settlements

  4. Lol all you have to do is look at history, no full loot pvp ever lasts more than 6 months man , no matter if it looks gorgeous, no one is gonna farm for 8-10 hrs to lose it all in a few minutes . Sorry to burst your bubble thankfully you have the copium

  5. I love that you got a shoutout on the stream today Narc, you really deserve it! But some of your fans are out of control!!!
    Looked really bad when Steven gave gratitude to Asmongold and Lazypeon and people were spamming "NARC IS BETTER" etc..

  6. I hope the ocean PvP is limited to the deeper ocean, with the shorelines still relatively safe.

    It's clear, though, that trade between the continents will require going through PvP zones, and that's OK.

  7. Esfand, LOL.

    World map is bigger, bigger land and bigger ocean mean more to explore and mean the more hard to make the world feels alive and fun especially the ocean and open sea can easily feel empty and boring if any ring of the link is missing or not good enough such as ocean biomes, creature, monsters, or underwater combat etc the worst thing can happen is the ocean contents are just ship battle ocean feels empty and underwater combat is suck or even not there.

    And they said open sea will be a auto flagging pvp zone which make underwater combat more important because fight can’t just happens on ship it should happens in water too, if there is no good underwater combat or even not there will be a shame, a large space just for fishing and ship battle and under water cave without trying to do underwater combat it just missing the core.

  8. Boy o boy, I think people are still not aware of how much of importance Stephen answer on gold buying, pay2win plague and his intention to prevent it is BIG. Its like the glory days of Blizzard when they had dozens of GMs per a server flying around. I really really hope Intrepid will deliver on this one.

  9. If you look closely you will see the minotaurs are tainted with some sort of parasitic infection wrapping vein-like tendrils into their flesh, weapons, and armor. You can also make out tumorous growths and crystals. A biproduct of the corruption? I'd like to see this as a playable race in an expansion some day although it appears we will have to purify a tribe of their corrupted taint to make that possible.

  10. People are still waiting for this to launch? Holy shit!
    It will be delayed and delayed, then rushed out unfinished due to people complaining about the delays.
    It will have great numbers at launch but will quickly fall off the radar due to too much over promising and under delivering the systems required to play the game to its' fullest.
    This thing won't even outlast New World.

  11. Good video, i like the hype. I know you want to spoil every little detail for us before we get our hands on it for some xtra views

    But i know enough. im waiting till release and will go in and let myself be amazed. or ehhh dissappointed x) who knows. hope the illusion lasts for longer than bloody New World

  12. the flying mounts in aoc feel exactly like wow (without dragonriding) outdated mechanics imo. adding physics to flying would be epic instead of just hovering in place anywhere u want

  13. Poor Pantheon. 😅… as a 1999 OG, I did have some hope for Pantheon but that’s faded overtime and with the tragic passing of Brad McQuaid… The Vision™️ has too left. 💀💔

  14. It's weird, all their models look exactly like the concepts (Dunir, Vek, Py'rai), but the Empyrean looks nothing like it, and seems to have 2010 graphics… not impressed. All other races look phenomenal tho


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