A Realistic Alpha 2 Date For Ashes of Creation

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Alpha 2 is on everyone’s mind right now and rightly so… Even in it’s alpha phase it’s probably going to be one of the most anticipated launches for many years… However There’s still a HUGE ammount of work to be done as well as a HUGE ammount of work already done and in today’s video we’ll be outlining both of these and figuring out a reasonable date to expect Alpha 2 to arrive at our doorstep.

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Had some copywrite issues with this video so it’s a few hours late… it’s most certainly not because I’m lazy and the video ended up being late oh no no no I promise it was copywrite stuff lads YEP
Also come join your brothers and sisters in the Narciverse and get high on the copium for Alpha 2: https://discord.gg/muwNp8NhbB

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  1. Had some copywrite issues with this video so it's a few hours late… it's most certainly not because I'm lazy and the video ended up being late oh no no no I promise it was copywrite stuff lads YEP
    Also come join your brothers and sisters in the Narciverse and get high on the copium for Alpha 2: https://discord.gg/muwNp8NhbB

  2. I actually think Alpha 2 could be anywhere between November and March, with the highest probability of course being closer to March, but I don't think it will be much later than that. They have a lot more work done than people realize and are ramping up the volume of work they are getting done more and more every month. Remember, Steven said all the systems will NOT be finished by the launch of Alpha 2.

  3. Hey Narc, I was thinking maybe you could revisit the topic of the 64 classes that will be in the game if you need more content to milk. The old videos you made on them are not nearly as good as your new content and it would be interesting to hear your updated perspective with all the new progress and information we now know about the game.

  4. Really love your channel, and as someone whose watched for a while you've really come into your own with your editing style and bits. Since you didnt ask for feedback Im totally going to give it like the good little chatter I am lol. I think it'd be cool to talk about systems in other games and analyze the SYSTEM itself and talk about what you do and dont like and how it could be improved. IDK your constant plea for content got me thinking lol. Really loving your content, keep up the great work!

  5. I predict that we will get a release date for Alpha 2 in the december lifestream as a x-mas present. March could be a planned time, but to be fair i think that is optimistic. i think the'll announce something as alpha 2, summer 2023

  6. They don't necessarily have to show every feature since they aren't releasing the complete Alpha 2 at the start (as you mentioned). But I do agree, there still is a lot to see before we get A2.

  7. Gonna no life- I mean Provide lots of meaningful feedback for the alpha 2 when it comes around.
    Very excited for the upcoming streams also, see some of this backlog they got.
    Love the glasses narc, your prop selection is S Teir.

  8. I took that Bustin stream promo as sarcasm but then I actually went over to their stream and they're giving away an AoC Alpha 2 key.

    I don't know if they're an actual AoC content creator worth following or an AoC shit talker.

  9. On one hand you have AoC which is taking too long to come out with what i expect to be awesome content, then on the other hand you have WoW churning out crap content every 6 months to a year.

  10. Once AoC is ready for full release I'd like to see them haul your arse into their studios and collectively create a TV Commercial with you starting it for the Advert of the game, and then release the Ad either Nationwide during a big event that gets tons of viewers, or worldwide for something like the Superbowl or competitive gaming event for example. Jus sayin' you'd make a great intro for an AoC Commercial. 😄👍

  11. Amazon rushed there game but they also didnt listen to a lot of development behind it.THis game is something real thats coming just not at the paste must people want it but games aren't made over night especially MMOs. Out of the many that have been developed in the past 6 years or so this is probably one of the projects I can say it has a chance and they are showing it but until we get past Alpha and into Betas and how the developers and publisher will act on feed back plus improve the game before launch and actually launch,I am not putting all my eggs there. But it has a lot of promise."Mean that in a good way"

  12. Now I think Alpha 2 is also around Spring 2023 giving Intrepid enough time to have enough features ready. I'm anticipating an exciting December update however to bring in the new year. A video starting with Fireworks on a nearby beach they pan out to the distant ocean to finally reveal NAVAL COMBAT in all it's glory. The end of the video teases Alpha 2 Spring 2023. If not, at least we will get John Wick 4.

  13. If I didn't know that the Game has been in development for like 6 or 7 years I´d think that they just now started….
    Creating tools to build the game,showing simple melee attacks, creating the races..

    Considering how much influence the look of a race has on literally EVERYTHING, it is very concerning to me that they just now started to think about how they want their races to look…
    Some homeless looking copium junky on Youtube told me that much of the game is already done but if they are still going back and forth on simple character design how far can they actually be ?
    It seems they are flying by the seat of their pants, everything is still changing constantly which means there's probably not much that is actually set in stone and near completion..I wish they would give us an honest state of the game report but Stevens mind is hardwired for marketing so, to keep the crowd in suspension, that sadly wont happen.

    Here is what I think is going on right now…they had a game that was somewhat far along but at somepoint they realized that much of it wasn`t nearly good enough and not at all what they would like to deliver….with the UE5 decision they probably scrapped a LOT of what they already had because with new capabilities came new ideas and directions and now we are at a point where after half a decade they have a ton of good things to come in the future, but not much to show for it right now….
    My prediction is alpha 2 starts end of 2023…


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