A Comprehensive Breakdown of the Alpha 2 Ranger+Basic Ranged Attacks Showcase | Ashes of Creation

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A Comprehensive Breakdown of the Alpha 2 Ranger+Basic Ranged Attacks Showcase | Ashes of Creation

In this video I go pretty in-depth on the Alpha 2 Ranger+Basic Ranged Attacks Showcase. I get into several intricacies like Projectile Collision, Mob Abilities, and a detailed breakdown of the three Ranger abilities that were showcased! Thanks for watching and see you in the next video!

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5 thoughts on “A Comprehensive Breakdown of the Alpha 2 Ranger+Basic Ranged Attacks Showcase | Ashes of Creation”

  1. I may have to do a video talking more in-depth on how Tab Targeting CAN have a lot of action. Although I think I have done several of those at this point, including at various points in this video lol. I am very happy with the clarification on hybrid combat and the direction they are taking.

  2. What I have learned so far from my little foray into Archeage Unchained is that my player skills are way out of date, and so there are many matters where my opinion means little.

    That said, I have the following feedback on Ranged Combat.

    First, I hope it is not very dependent on low ping. That's not something we can have much control over.

    Second, I do like the differences between the Short and Long Bows, and the tactical decisions they introduce.

    Third, for the sake of accessibility, it might be the case that Ashes could benefit from a slower and less mobile form of Ranged Combat. I am thinking here of maybe Light and Heavy Crossbows. I can imagine a Heavy Crossbow that requires that you stand still to reload, but packs a very hard punch. Likewise, a Light Crossbow might slow you to reload, but let you move firing.

    Or something.

    Scout (Ranger/Rogue) is on my short list to play, and I am looking forward to the combination of Camouflage and Stealth.

    Thoughtful video, as always, and thank you.

  3. Great video and great job, looking forward to your future videos! I think this would be one of many evolutions that we would see to combat because the ranger class has set a new bar, so they will have to go back to previous initial classes to reconceptoulaize their skills to match. I imagine there would be a redesignes of player hitboxes too. I am excited, mostly excited that that is a western dev doing western things, representing western region


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