5 CASUAL Features Ashes of Creation Will NOT Have!

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Now a days MMORPGS are out to cater to everyone, and unfortunatley those features they add to do so can really take away to the overall feel of the game and its social aspects. So lets dive into 5 Casual Features that Ashes WILL NOT HAVE.. and its probably for the better!

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17 thoughts on “5 CASUAL Features Ashes of Creation Will NOT Have!”

  1. I think eliminating these features mentioned in the video will be great for the longevity of Ashes. I personally cannot wait to be part of or create a mercenary guild that protects caravans or raids them. I also like how there is no group finder, which encourages people to work together and not screw each other over (aka ninja looting item drops).

  2. Even though i like the lack of group finder and going more social to actually find people for a dungeon….i fear one thing. People has changed… And what i fear the most is the overwheling chat that is making more defficult to find people. Maby they will make chat tabs for every situation i don't know. I trust they have the solution.

  3. I think they should still have a group board posting system. Not an automatic system that throws people together but more Like how Mythic plus is in WOW. Because playing New World right now just sitting in a recruitment chat can be pretty annoying. Would be nice to have a board to find groups that you want to join or create groups.

    It is also annoying starting a group just constantly posting "LFM DUNGEON" Over and over again, not really socializing. So I do not think this one will really work if they have nothing where you can at least list your groups. Because having everything in chat is not the best.

  4. I won't miss any of these features, but then I haven't played an MMO since March 2004.

    I will likely be casual or semi-casual, exploring, gathering, levelling slowly, and making friends. Maybe a dozen hours a week, maybe less.

    I expect to be rewarded with a great experience, not great XP.

  5. Being able to disable pvp at will and fliying around the world with mounts are two other casual features that ashes will not have and its extremely amazing! Archeage vibes

  6. It's not uncommon for me to work 12+ hours in a day. On such says I'll only have a hour or two max to play……with that said I 100% support not adding the convenience features. If I only have a hour to play I'll find something else besides running a dungeon to do. Solo quests, professions, parlor games, solo grind some open world mobs, there's always options that don't take any setup time. I'll save my dungeon runs for days I work a standard amount of hours or have off.

  7. Honestly eh I'm fine with these (the birthday one actually sounds super sweet/nice).

    I just fear too much backlash is gonna make the AOC team cave in and add back in these features.

  8. MMOs shouldn't be combat simulators, like Dark Souls type games.

    The whole experience of an MMORPG is what we want. We want the community, the grouping, the guilds, the adversity. I'm sorry but people like Towilee simply don't enjoy MMORPG experiences anymore. They just enjoy doing dungeons and raids, and that's literally it. Everything else genuinely doesn't matter to them.

    I never once claimed that instanced content shouldn't be the most important thing… what I said was that it shouldn't be the literal ONLY thing that matters. The world matters too. Guilds matter. Community matters in-game without 3rd party tools and/or externally.

  9. All this stuff is what people asked for when they wanted WOW classic. Turns out without some of these features people stopped playing classic WOW. I'm more and more convinced this gam will be DOA.

  10. Group finder is like skipping the social aspects in order to get to the gameplay, but mmo gameplay is just inferior to a game specially designed for that kind of flow soo yeah they kinda helped make the gaming community even more anti-social or isolated into groups cause fuck randoms?

  11. Love all this. Biggest thing I hate in games these days is daily quests and login rewards. I play eso right now and that’s all it is, daily login reward, daily crafting writs, daily random dungeon Que rewards, daily zone quests. All of these things require no challenge and make you pretty brain dead after a while.

  12. My one gripe is that during world events such as a world boss, will "friendly fire" be disabled? Imagine casters using tons of AOE attacks on a world boss and damaging the melee players up close.


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