2021 MMORPG Expectation & Predictions | Are In-Game VOIP A Waste? | Twitch MMORPG Podcast 35

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☕ Welcome to episode 35 of our Twitch MMORPG podcast called The Trinity MMO Show! Today’s main topic of discussion is about our expectations and predictions on what’s in store for us as MMO players and enthusiasts. There are many new MMO and other online role playing games that are on the horizon, and many more will probably take long, into 2022 and beyond to finally get out hands on a finished game.

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But because it’s a podcast, that’s not all we talk about. Some other topics and discussions in today’s video are included in a QUEST FORMAT! Here are some of the things we talked about briefly while going over the news and updates of the MMORPG industry….

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Various descriptions of the games talked about in today’s are provided from their official website:

World of Warcraft – https://worldofwarcraft.com/
“Pledge allegiance to one of two warring factions, the Alliance or the Horde. Join or create a hand-picked group or guild of adventurers like yourself, and take on Azeroth’s foes. Choose from a myriad of classes and races, then level up and amass power at your own pace.”

Ashes of Creation – https://ashesofcreation.com/mmo
“Ashes of Creation takes place within a medieval fantasy setting, blending imagination with cutting-edge graphics. We are putting the word massive back into massively multiplayer with unique and novel mechanics that will bring meaning to player action.”

Black Desert Online – https://blackdesertonline.fandom.com/
“Black Desert, also known as Black Desert Online, often abbreviated as BDO, is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) developed by Pearl Abyss and released for the first time on July 2015, in Korea, for the PC.”


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