2 YEARS LATER | WHALE ACCOUNT + Gems Giveaway | Channel Update | RAID: Shadow Legends

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0:00 Intro
0:48 Thank You
2:00 Account Giveaway
3:01 Diablo Immortal
3:39 Diablo 2
4:15 Diablo 4
5:18 New World
5:44 Ashes of Creation
6:07 Other Games

Thank you EVERYONE for all the support, it’s been quite the journey so far! Celebrating 2 years in RAID with a Whale Account & 5X 540 gems Giveaway!
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35 thoughts on “2 YEARS LATER | WHALE ACCOUNT + Gems Giveaway | Channel Update | RAID: Shadow Legends”

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  2. I would like to see all the above, I appreciate all your charts, and graphs. The fact that you take the time to do your research on things shows in your content and I would love this account or the gems. Thanks again.

  3. Gratz on the 2 years+ mark. Would watch your content even if I wasn't playing what you were highlighting. Really looking foreward to D4 but will play Immortal when it drops. I would enjoy a stacked account like this.

  4. I am happy for you that you are doing good as a content creator.
    Diablo 4 looks amazing and content will be great I am sure when it goes live but it would be interesting to learn more about New World and what Amazon will bring to the table.
    Thank you and continue your great work.

  5. BGE , your channel is cool … been watching it for a while and it helped me a lot to manage rss ect. to move forward be great to see something different , Like HH optimiser , Deadwood CB calculator ect…. make yourself stand out from others .. By all means will follow you to new games , and realy like an idea of retro diablo , it was a game i started my journey with. guess once diablo is released , large part of raid will move there , as raid is cool early , mid game … becomes dead boring end game , its just a champ collector when you complete whole content. can't wait diablo 😀
    it would be great if videos on your channel were somhow grouped once you start new games … so raid viewers can go to raid folder , daiblo to diablo ect … also would be great if titles of the vid , would make it easier to navigate. Spent good part of 20 min searching your vid to learn about valk….
    as per content i would avoid talking about financial side ect … not much of a interest , and can wake up jealousy in people.
    just be YOU , keep up the good work, and dont bring drastic changes. we follow you because we liked what we got before 🙂 good luck

  6. I would love to win that stacked account, it would allow me to give one to my children to play with me. I was an old school WoW player. I would watch your content on other games as I love your content and I am always looking for fun new games to try!! Thanks for what you do BGE!

  7. We want to see all!!!
    Mostly the OnlyFans you wanted to do 😀
    Keep it going and do what you want to do and what you enjoy the most to make your money with.
    Love your content on raid, learned a lot and you helped me and a lot of players to be a better F2P Player <3


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