2 MAJOR UPDATES? Ashes Of Creation Ending the Year With HYPE

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So for the first time in a very long time we’re going into a monethly livestream with zero expectations what so ever. However, a few hints were dropped during various niche clips and in today’s video, we’ll be bringing these to light for some basic expectations going into the Ashes of Creation monthyl livestream on the 30th.

So even though we have no leaks right now, in roughly 24 hours, they will give us our official tease clip that’s posted on twitter and discord. I will add that to this pinned message when it arrived but until then, we’re kind of in the dark.
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29 thoughts on “2 MAJOR UPDATES? Ashes Of Creation Ending the Year With HYPE”

  1. Some complain about sexiness or items not going with the theme of the game… In the future make the skins ONLY visable by the buyer's screen. They would appear in period type gear to everyone else. This would make both happy. Also… hint hint…cute upperward turned noses, juicy big lips, 2 bubbles in back and 2 coned upturned fronts are not to be shamed in a perfect world… and we like to adjust the jiggle. Thanks in advance. 🙂


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