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Ashes of Creation is an upcoming MMORPG that will make you love it. This might just be the game we’ve all been secretly waiting for…
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30 thoughts on “This New MMORPG Is Still Genuinely The Most Exciting One | Asmongold Reacts to TheLazyPeon”

  1. It may be too complex to balance not to mention that many rules will most likely not work well at start. If there is some AI to control all the rules (their modification and balance) then sure, it could work, but advanced AI which could do it is in no game so far and I doubt there will be any for the next 5-10 years.

  2. As someone who played Runescape wilderness i am not gunna give a crap about the corruption system. I loose gear in the willdy just for dyeing no corruption needed. that's the fun of it risking your gear.

  3. It sounds way too similar to real life and way too stressful to me. You just know min maxers and no lifers are going to fuck you in the ass and abuse the systems as well. But hey I could be wrong, and of course there will be many people out there to whom this stuff all sounds great. The adaptive difficulty sounds awesome though

  4. Ngl, makes sense. Unreal Engine 5 is a fantastic game engine and incredibly intuitive. I've been using it since the beta and noticed a significant difference between 4 and 5. Also helps that there's now integration with NVIDIA Omniverse, which is a cloud service that connects and organizes assets and projects from programs like Blender, Substance, Maya, and Unreal into one place and makes the import/export process alot easier.

  5. From what everyone else said, this could be a great system. But as someone who has been around MMOs and the internet for ages, the fatal flaw of this game is one no devs can ever control or stop: Certain sites/groups like Something Awful and the like are peak That Guys who make it their entire life's mission to ensure damn the consequences they can take control of everything and ensure no one can have fun ever because if they're miserable, everyone else has to be. And given what they did to MMOs like EVE Online, I want this game to succeed to finally make something else show up that is fun to play, I'm worried those Goons will do their thing again eventually and basically game the system so hard that literally no one gets to try any of them out ever and choke the game's playerbase to death just to be smug about being basically the No Fun Police of the internet.

  6. With the taxes, its kind of a self governing check. If taxes are too high, players will move to a different node. This would cause the node to die out and de-level, opening opportunities for other nodes in the area. Now if all metropolis nodes ban together to set an insane tax rate that can't be escaped, I'm not sure how to fix that.

  7. I freaking hate metagaming. It ruins everything. It's nearly impossible to protect against because the top players will always find the meta. But I really hope this game protects well against that meta mentality.

  8. I find that AAA games could of been dev'd with real-life scenarios and caused a never-ending economy and player-base that is neglected for quick profit by pressure of instant return by shareholders. Without using words….. Quick money based on manipulation and false promises MUST be eradicated and shamed more than ppls bodies or Smiling stabbings inherently adopted by manipulators.
    Game On!

  9. There's aspects of this game that are intriguing, but others that turn me off a lot. This game looks like it will have a TON of griefing, and I'm also really not jazzed about the thought of being locked into a small number of classes without making alts. Then, on top of that and most importantly, $15 a month subscription is crazy talk. I already find it hard to justify spending as much as I already do on monthly subscriptions to various things so $15 is asking quite a bit, especially knowing that there are so many ways all of your progress can be griefed super easily. As someone with a full time job, the thought of logging in on my free time and seeing that my home, town, caravan, etc. has been looted and destroyed, or spending a long time gathering only to be jumped and I lose all of the stuff I gathered, is really unappealing, doubly so if I'm spending $15 a month for that privilege. Like, this really feels like an MMO that does not respect your time investment. I could be wrong, but seeing so many ways that other players can screw you over, gives me the impression that I'm right.


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