This Ashes of Creation Update is Massive

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Asmongold Reacts to Ashes of Creation combat reveal. The most anticipated upcoming MMORPG made in Unreal Engine 5 shows massive progress..

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28 thoughts on “This Ashes of Creation Update is Massive”

  1. After spending years only showing off aesthetics and art, we finally get some real gameplay. Why. Why did it take so long?

    Gameplay should be the most important part of your game. The first thing you work on. Why was it seemingly the lowest priority? That’s what worries me about this game, the priority of the developers based on what they’ve chosen to focus on.

    Most people don’t care how the game looks. Fancy graphics actually turn away people with lower end PCs. They just don’t matter that much. Also getting high quality graphics to looks great while actually playing is hard, just look at how Black Desert looks and runs in actual gameplay. It’s not that important. Plenty of mmos find massive success with subpar graphics: FFXIV, Runescape, WoW, GW2, and ESO.

    Gameplay should be the first thing you work on. The first thing you finish. The first thing you show players. The thing that you get right. Ashes has taken the complete opposite approach.

  2. 16:17 First though… It's shit. Sorry. Zero 'viscerality' or impact. You and a mob floating around each other, numbers fly over our heads. It's WoW but in UE5.
    Edit: 10 seconds later… ok, this is decent. 🙂

  3. With the type of combat they have, i think they should be looking at BDO to have an idea on what to do, let's say, when you are doing the basic combo attack, in BDO, if you turn to one side, they change the basic attack, to an attack that moves left while doing a different attack, for example making a rotation attack, i think something like that will make the combat feel better, now seems a bit incomplete, but that said, the game is still under development, so nothing real to say just yet.

  4. BDO still has better animations than this. Swings more like a toy to me. I can definitely see the improvements though (just needs a bit more frames in the animation)

  5. He's a little overhyped on this one… Gameplay/Combat looks OKAY. I'm glad there's a few years left to polish things up… Lets just hope the people who so badly want this game to succeed don't start giving too many free passes.

  6. It was a good video work still has to be done not a fan of the super-fast combat speed when the aesthetics of the game look that real. Big points in hearing that craft gear will be good I was never a fan of craft gear because you would replace it soon or that very day in raid.

  7. I dunno for sure and haven't watched the whole thing but these seem like key frame animations so I'd imagine they'll have better flow when finished.

    Love the commitment to crafted gear, I'd love to see a Momster Hunter style format but you need a player instead of an NPC whos skilled enough to craft it

  8. Looking at chat, I dont think us MMO players deserve a good game. Constructive criticism is one thing but openly hating something so unreasonably makes no sense…


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