This could Make Or Break Ashes Of Creation

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Ashes Of Creation combat reveal, what can we glimpse from this first combat update?

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4 thoughts on “This could Make Or Break Ashes Of Creation”

  1. I like the direction of where the combat is heading towards. Obviously its not ideal/perfect yet but comparing to how it was before, it is better. Now the issue that I saw during the live stream is the weight of the 2 handed sword seems to disappear most of its swings. Ex: the down ward slash of the 2 handed sword visually seems like it has weight to it. The vertical slashes from left to right seems like the weight of the sword is weak/transparent like its missing a minor wind up . And the attack speed for a 2 handed sword is a tad bit, just a little bit too fast especially when showcasing the whirlwind ability. Another issue that I saw is when Steven struck the stone mobs, each strike has this sticky animated visual to it. There was a slight pause to each hit on the mob. Idk if its intended or not but it doesn't look smooth. For the dual daggers, they did an amazing job. main point is animation needs work (less sticky and stiff) and the weight of the 2handed sword needs to be more prominent. Other than that Intrepid did an amazing job as always.


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