The Path of Crafting in Ashes of Creation

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In the April 2022 developer livestream Steven Sharif, the Creative Director of Ashes of Creation spoke about balancing the Artisan System and “the path of crafting” and then I made this video…

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3 thoughts on “The Path of Crafting in Ashes of Creation”

  1. Another good short video.

    Don't forget, sieging and naval will have their own skills, a few of which look like crafting. I don't think they're all covered by carpentry.

    As a filthy semi-casual, I will be gathering, at least until it becomes clear that I can commit more time to the game.

    The whole system depends on all of its parts working well enough. Will Alpha 2 be enough to really test that? I don't know.

  2. Another great video! I'd argue that Cooking and Alchemy might be useful for taming as well, as you will probably have to offer the animal some sort of treat in order to tame it. And I can totally see some "charming potion" that makes you more likable towards various animals.

    Perhaps find some background music next time that plays quietly in the background, as it makes any discussion video more enjoyable overall. For example, you can use most gaming soundtracks on Youtube. Also, perhaps add timestamps into the description of your video to better detail the sections.

    Not that many channels focus on theory crafting (yet) – it is great to see how passionate you are with a game that has not yet even released. Keep up the great work!


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