Should Ashes of Creation have a LFG (looking for group )

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in this video we talk on if Intrepid Studios should put a LFG or a raid finder system in Ashes of Creation. I think LFG can be a great toll to find a team and Friends in a game. however it might take away some of the Social aspect that Stephen and his team are going for in a old school MMO feel.

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5 thoughts on “Should Ashes of Creation have a LFG (looking for group )”

  1. I agree that they can both work. The LFG in WoW where you can just find party members without dungeon porting is ok, but I know steven does want to capture that old school feel where reputations matter. Trying to add value to the interaction because of the added effort to build groups.

    Ashes seems to be focused on reputation and to be fair, i played WoW when you had to find groups manually for most content (bar dungeons), and definitely think you can make friends either way. I think games are just too quick nowadays the theme park style. Get in and get out!

    I think the slowing down will help with that in Ashes.

    On your videos, honestly if you aren't showing your face or ashes content when making ashes content, then i think using your character as an avatar js totally fine. I think one criticism was to do with clipping of the game music. Why don't you record your audio and video in game as you already do, but split the audio and chuck in a soundtrack behind your voice which doesn't get cut by the clipping?

  2. Tbh I like the old style more where you are walking around a town in a game πŸ€” I guess it depends on the person but I feel like this distracts me more πŸ˜‚ because then I'm trying to watch the gameplay and not focusing on you talking

    This style works to me if you are either playing the game or you recorded the game and are commentary-ing (thats not a wordπŸ€”) over it

  3. Tbh I don't mind not having an LFG, I didn't know D2 had an LFG for raids because I have played it since the first raid came out so I'm behind the times on that game by a lot. But in D1 I remember looking for people in tower and tbh I feel like it did add a social aspect because while you were looking we were all talking and messing around and pushing each other off the tower and doing that stuff. And that for me was one of the most fun things to do in D1 (besides the content which was also fire.)

    But I do think you also bring up a good point. What forced people to be social was the fact that a raid in Destiny was designed for teamwork. Other MMOs unlike destiny just have your role and you do your role the raids over and you all leave. In Destiny that socializing and overcoming the raid together with teamwork, I feel like created bonds between people. One of the best way to create a bond between people is adversity.

    So I think you are onto something past LFG and that is the raids themselves need to have a certain amount of teamwork and cooperation and mechanics that cause other people to struggle if you yourself don't do that mechanic.

    But I don't think it should always be a one shot mechanic. Instead have like a massive wave of enemies spawning mechanic, or a reduced healing mechanic, a damage reduction mechanic. Stuff like that that would incentivise people to do the mechanic but if they don't they won't be 1 shot and the raid wipes


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