REACTING to TheLazyPeon's video about ASHES OF CREATION | New MMO Player Experience

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Today I am reacting to one of the recommended videos about the new upcoming MMORPG – Ashes Of Creation. It has been made by the author of the channel TheLazyPeon and I’m very grateful to him for sharing the information about the game. At the same time, I was left with an array of comments and questions that I couldn’t find any answer to.


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1 thought on “REACTING to TheLazyPeon's video about ASHES OF CREATION | New MMO Player Experience”

  1. Your scepticism surrounding the pricing model for the game seems to come from the fact that the majority of MMO's are corporately funded and are solely focused on profits, paying shareholders, ripping off the community of their game by extracting as much money in any way possible, whereas Ashes are likely looking at what is sustainable for the game with expansions in mind, with no shareholders only their developers to pay, and a profit margin.

    So no it doesn't suggest they are trying to save money on developing new content, whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, you're just viewing Ashes through the same lense as a Blizzard or Riot title.

    A miniscule amount of research would tell you the game has story driven content, that it is keeping concealed until release.

    It's telling that you think Peons video is trying to sell a game to you, and you don't like his pitch, don't play, don't buy it, stay out of MMO's, noone cares.

    No, the node system doesn't make progression pointless, it means progression isn't just a linear experience until you've completed the game, i.e. every trash MMO noone cares about. It's a system that encourages replayability, progression must be earned, and the player base are incentivized to be invested in their progression as it's even more likely you will have setbacks otherwise, which adds meaning to what you have earned, if everything you earn is guaranteed to remain, it loses value, but I'm not here to help fix your view of life.

    The node sieges are at set times suitable to the timezone of the server, announced weeks before they take place, so your concerns about that are unnecessary, so once again the system isn't 'Suss' your approach to this video is.

    "Excited after the game is released and not before", but where in that outlook does it say approach everything with the idea that it will turn out unbalanced, you're acting just as unreasonable as you personally find Peon's optimism.

    "It's better to show the gameplay behind these systems and not explain by words" Are you actually this dense, the gameplay doesn't exist to show, so speaking words is the only option, you started the video implying this was some kind of sponsored video or shill, you sound like a corporate shill against Intrepid if I'm being honest.


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