Can Ashes Of Creation Stop Gold Buying & Bots?

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Ashes Of Creation hopes to stop all RMT, but how will they manage it?

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3 thoughts on “Can Ashes Of Creation Stop Gold Buying & Bots?”

  1. Both Margaret and Steven have said they will have code in place to flag an account whenever a huge sum of gold or items magically appears in a toons inventory. Then it will be up to the CS team and gm to investigate the issue.
    By what I've observed over the course of these 5 years is thst Steven will be vigilant about this issue and I do see GM's being very active in the world and not just some dull guu/gal sitting there doing nothing. I hope they are very involved in the world i.e. engaging with the player base, leading events, and helping rather than just sitting on a high horse not saying a word.
    Remember this is the main reason Intrepid got started is because of this main issue.
    Great vid! Keep them coming!

  2. Stopping the BOTS from getting started might be resolved by locking players to their local region only. This would not only help with latency and desync on the servers, but also keep offshore temptation down to a minimum. Because, I think most of the community already knows by now where most of these illegal non-prosecutable activities come from, offshore and overseas.

  3. They may say they don't want bots in their game. But since these bot accounts are paying a sub to get into the game, It's still someone paying them a sub fee . Let's hope they will do something about the bot issue.


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