Ashes of Creation Sea Content IS INSANE!! – Coastal Nodes, Naval Combat, & More!

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In this video we cover the information given to us about Naval Content in the most recent developer livestream from Intrepid Studios. Watch to learn more about what’s in store for @Ashes of Creation !

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Today’s video includes Steven Sharif, Intrepid Studios, Ashes of Creation, with Developer Livestream August 2022 and Map Changes. Steven gave us big information and it made us all so happy. Intrepid Studios went so hard and it was great, super, poggers, and awesome. Thank our Lord and Savior Steven Sharif, for he is our Savior. Ashes of Creation will be SO MUCH FUN! I Love Ashes of Creation and CANNOT wait to play this AMAZING game! Do you want to have poggers fun in Ashes of Creation too? I love Ashes of Creation fun times.

This Greatest Ashes of Creation Video Ever with New Informative Information Makes Ashes of Creation Alpha 2 even better & great! It will be very poggers. I’m SO Ready To Play Ashes of Creation in 2077! AHOY MATEY! YE WILL BE WALKIN’ THA PLANK! AVAST YE SWABS! REPEL THE INVADERS! PIRATES LIFE FOR YO-HO! Sea Content will be POGGERS!

Instead of Ashes of Creation, However Sean Content, However Naval Content, However Open Sea PvP, or any other system like that. This is an update / update for Ashes of Creation getting ready for Alpha 2 / me and my friends getting ready for Ashes of Creation BEST MMORPG EVER!!! W’S IN THE CHAT! POG!

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