Ashes of Creation or Elder Scrolls Online…old school or new school?

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Comparing two medieval fantasy MMORPGs…one brand new, the other nearly a decade old. What can they learn from one another?


8 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation or Elder Scrolls Online…old school or new school?”

  1. I remember these promises with cyberpunk 2077. “We won’t release until it’s done”

    EDIT: I’m not hating, just would like to see someone deliver on them

    EDIT2: also, I do believe that getting upset about not paying the money for this or that (voice acting), then you can’t complain if there is a microtransaction system to pay for it. I AM NOT SAYING YOU ARE, I’m just saying that a lot of people do. Pay to win is different than a microtransaction system I’m talking about (cosmetics)

  2. Weird that steam would know console users. Also all my guilds love tales and have tournaments. I only see the rage sweaty folks twisted with 35 so I guess when it drops then we will see a mass rage quit? Hmmm


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