Ashes of Creation Needs a Hype-Check.

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ashesofcreation #mmorpg #hype Don’t confuse being excited for the future release of a game with being overhyped for the future …


4 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation Needs a Hype-Check.”

  1. Since LazyPeon started to shill this game to no end it became the norm to over hype it, yes it looks promising but overselling it will damage it more than anything, it's in a rough, rough state.
    Plus I cannot trust Unreal Engine, 4 was a mistake and I hope 5 will be what 3 was but it's just that, hope.

  2. Most games are releasing way, way too early, mostly due to pushes by suits who only care about cash grabs.

    Ashes is crazily open about their progress, which the bad part about that is expectations.

    The cosmetics are plenty because many of them/variations are in game as npc’s and visuals. The more you see just means they are that far along in their graphics for in game assets.

    Luckily, there are no investors to please, and that means they can truly choose when they feel the game will be ready to release. If they focus on each part individually, as they appear to be doing (one group is doing seasons, another is the art team, another is story, etc..,).

    My expectations are basic, and every time I see their progress its open, honest from what I can tell, and they dont appear to be in a hurry to release too early. Realistic expectations are alpha 2 in 2023, beta in 2024 and a release late 2024 or 2025.

    Im just hoping they get combat down because quite honestly they appear to have everything else in line as they keep showing us progress of things promised. Once you get one down, you move to work on the rest. What is silly expectations is the timeframe people expect these games to be released, much like Mew World needed another year but corporate pressure forever ruined their chances now.

    Personally, if I was a streamer, Id be doubling down on Ashes in the hopes of gaining revenue much like Asmon did with WOW. Build your subscribers like Narc is in the hopes it blows up big. The person who has the most subscribers will gain so many more if its a big success and it can literally make you rich.

  3. The thing about AoC is that the devs are huffing hopium just as hard as their fans. They're setting themselves up for failure, certainly, but it's hard to get mad at them for it.


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