ashes of Creation: My hopes for combat

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with everyone speculating what combat will be like in Ashes of Creation I thought id throw my name in the hat. I am kind of hoping for soft type of action combat like never winter and and PSO2 even though I imagine it will be copy and paste guild wars 2


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  1. I sorta agree about getting abilities early, but I only want the core rotation to be available at that point and as you get higher level you get access to big cooldowns and the alterations of the core rotation abilities.

  2. That 's why we have shitty MMORPG for a decade
    You want fast food game.. beeing max in 1 day with every skills.. lol and After that you realize that there is zero end game and you leave the game forever
    Seems to be another boring solo MMORPG.. questing and farming solo for hours to unlock everything and spam all skills. Where is the RP side?


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