Ashes of Creation Combat Vs New World Combat Discussion

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Ashes of Creation Combat Vs New World Combat Discussion
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1 thought on “Ashes of Creation Combat Vs New World Combat Discussion”

  1. I was interested in New World, lost the interest, in part it never attracted me how it looks and the combat, now is dead for me since they are going to please the pvp player and potentially, the wallet warrior. They had a chance and they are throwing it away, New World will not compete with FF14 and WoW.

    For Ashes, it's more of the same, but since PVP is the focus, Ashes now takes the lead, it is more of an MMORPG than New World and besides the flaws…..has some interesting features including personalization and UE5. Makes more sense to play Ashes, New World will be die probably like Lost Ark did.

    In any case, both are non playable for me, if I wanted to play an MMORPG with pvp as focus, I would be playing Black Desert Online since ages.


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