Accolonn REACTS to Ashes of Creation TRUE Potential feat. Narc

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  1. Meh.

    Wow's world quests were more diverse than the public quests in warhammer online and far better than the fates in ff14, tho the warhammer online public quests had multiple stages and were more of social pve elements…. the Wow world quests are not social at all, since they are all personally tracked…. ff14s are public…

    And by being public, it gives the game world a more "living" feeling as stuff gets completed and changes.

    While the open quests in gw2 are great narratively…. they are not a challenge up until late game.

    I remember the disaster that the pre-endgame zone (undead ocean one) was, where they had much larger and actually difficult open quests and nobody could do them….
    You couldn't just get some randos and do them, as all content prior to that was too easy and people didn't know how to play well….

    A big part of that issue also came from not having a trinity with tanks and healers…

    Not to mention that in GW2, a lot of the cooler public events do stages…but they need to stay alive for a while to get to the cooler stages, such as taking over a city and building a big camp…. but players just always defended against the initial attack to take over the city… so the later ones rarely are seen… or they are done in the morning and you only see stage 1.

    Wow's problem with world quests tho was…..
    That they made them dumber and dumber.

    Legion open world quests had some of the more unique mechanically quests as world quests….which was actually fun. Much like how in tbc you had a reputation where you had to play simon says.

    In Shadowlands, 90% of world quests are uncreative "just kill x of those" quests or comparable…..overall the quests sucked and lacked fun mechanics.
    People rip on BFA bejeweled world quests or the tortolans…but at least they weren't just "kill x and y"

  2. Regarding WQ(WoW) vs FATES(FFXIV):

    WQs use what's already there most of the time, mobs in a specific area, kill them, loot them… etc. Additionally, they're usually just repeats of quests you've already done, thrown back up as a WQ, making them less unique/exciting in my opinion. Rare is there a WQ that actually adds something to the zone/location to make it feel like a real event.

    FATES generally do the opposite. They spawn mobs/NPCs specific to the FATE, bringing the zone more life — escort FATES, defense FATES, murder FATES, there's quite a wide variety. Additionally, there are FATES that only start when you talk to someone, and others that spawn another FATE immediately after or a bit later in the zone, giving you a mini-story to follow.

    I'd say the variety and dynamics in FATES exceed that of WoW WQs

  3. As you said the game relies on people playing the events and well Ashes isn't the first game to it… not by a long shot. Guild wars 2 has had events just like this since it's release and it's been super hit and miss until they eventually went towards zone wide meta events with really good rewards so people would actually do them and not just ignore them all day and essential lock content from newer players.


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